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Three Ships Beauty is a skincare startup who has a focus on natural skin care beauty products.

After the redesign, we increased average order value by 15% and boosted average daily sales revenue by 241%.

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Problem Space

Currently, Three Ships utilizes a shop quiz in order to introduce new users to their product. However, the cofounder Laura, is unhappy with how the quiz is laid out, especially with the UI and how the quiz results currently are. The current skin quiz had results that were often confusing and was not following the product logic Three Ships wanted.

The skin quiz is a prominent part of their site and directly affected close to they wanted maximize the number of people who would purchase after the skin quiz. To understand what the client wanted further, our team organized an initial meeting.

Objective & Goal

We as a team identified the main key objectives and KPIs for our success.
The main objective of the project was to:

1) Improve the skin quiz conversion rate
2) Improve the branding image and company values through the skin quiz
3) Implement the new skin quiz solution potentially with a new product offering

Initial Research

I next analyzed the clients backend data from their Google Analytics dashboards to see if it could create and drive any insights.


of users dropped off the quiz before reaching a result


of overall site traffic resulted in a purchase, with majority returning


the average transactions per cart (approximately 1-2 items)

We found that one of the biggest drop offs was the first question of the quiz

What is your age ?

We hypothesized that users found this question too personal and irrelevant to quiz results. This was one of the key things we wanted to verify in the interview.

Another key insight was a 1-2 item the average cart size.
This revealed that the logic within the app was not working correctly as the minimum recommendation should have been 3 items.

User Interview Insights

To verify some of our findings and dig deeper into what drove customer behaviors, we interviewed women ages 25-34, Three Ship's primary customer base. From these insights, several themes and trends started to emerge.

Theme 1

Customers were looking
for specific items

Theme 2

Customers did not understand why certain items were recommended

Theme 3

Final results did not
satisfy customers

Theme 4

There was no trust for
the current quiz results

Technology Evaluation

In order to evaluate what solutions we can implement, we first evaluated various tools that we could use. The functionality of the tool would greatly constrain the customizability of our final design.

Overall Octane AI was selected for the best suited functionality for what we required to build the skin quiz.

Ideation and Implementation

Here were the following key steps we took before we could ideate and implement the final design

1. Creating Product Logic

• Product mapping exercise
• Creation of basic bundle

2. Refine Quiz Questions

Ensure that all questions were relevant and related to the results

3. Identity & Branding

Images, heuristics changes, additional UX Copy

Final Solution

Giving Customers what they wanted

By allowing customers to identify and select which specific products they wanted, the end result would always be the result customers wanted. We also built in additional product logic to make the results even more tailored and specific to customers' use cases

Improved final results UX Copy

In the final results page, we focused on explaining and showing the reason behind the recommended product logic. On top of that by creating a skin routine. (Steps 1-3) this increases the conversion rate for customers to buy an entire routine vs 1-2 products only.

Clear and simple descriptions and clear CTA

By maintaining the result pages simple and clear, customers were more likely to focus on the primary CTA of "add all to cart" instead of getting lost and not knowing where to go.

View the Shop Quiz here


Through the various changes we did we were able to achieve quite stunning results.


Average Daily Sales

Increased from $412 to $994 per day


Direct Purchase

Majority of these are new users


Average Purchase Size

Increase of 15% (2 items to 3 items)

Since the quiz was implemented and live, not only did we see the average daily sales increase, we saw that customers are now purchasing often directly what was recommended to them and going straight to checkout after. However, the data also showed some additional insights that would be some critical next steps.


“It [the quiz] looks so much more cohesive with the brand identity and also the language is a lot clearer.”

“The recap of the user’s current skin type and concern is great and showing the specific products that would address those areas is really helpful!”

Next Steps

By implementing these next steps, the user traffic within the ThreeShips site can fully be utilized and captured.

Increase quiz conversion rate further

30% of users redo the quiz

Conduct additional
usability tests

Decrease abandonment (~50%)

Explore additional marketing channels

• Social media sharing
• Showing competitor pricing
• Ingredients sensitivity feature

Key Learnings

1. Promoting the value of UX Research can be difficult

2. Balance between client wants and needs is critical

3. Tools capabilities can cause mismatches between ideal state and achievable state